1st Workshop on Emerging Design Choices in
Name-Oriented Networking

The concept of Name-Oriented Networking (also referred to as Content or Information-Centric Networking) is taking center stage in recent research on the architecture of the future Internet. Instead of host-to-host communication, as in the current Internet architecture, a name-oriented network architecture makes named data a first class entity. It cares about which data to fetch instead of which host to reach.
Thus it uses data names to address and retrieve content instead of data containers.
This basic idea has spawned a number of alternative network architecture proposals that share common principles, including in-network storage, multi-path data forwarding, multiparty communication, mobility support and tolerance of intermittent connectivity, but differ, sometimes fundamentally, in the way they would be achieved.

The objective of this workshop is to present up do date results on emerging design choices in the scope of name-oriented networking, to allow a reasoned comparison of their respective advantages, and to more clearly identify the issues and solutions that transcend these differences.

The workshop solicits submissions of original work that pertains to the design, development, performance evaluation, analysis of network architectures centered on named data.

Important Dates

          • Paper Submission: December 11, 2011, 11:59PM PST
          • Author Notification: January 9, 2012
          • Camera Ready Version: January 25, 2012
          • Workshop Date: March 30, 2012