IEEE INFOCOM 2012 Keynote Speaker

Nicholas Ilyadis

Title: The Evolution of Next Generation Data Centers


Abstract: Data centers are evolving to create new computational and communication paradigms in our connected world. The promise of utility and cloud computing is being realized with new technologies and communication protocols that are re-casting how data centers are built, organized and interconnected. This talk will explore the drivers of what is creating these new challenges and opportunities, the networking advancements that are addressing them, and what the future could bring as we fast-forward these advancements. The talk will cover data center fabrics and virtualization advancements that are enabled by Ethernet in the data center.


Biography: Nicholas Ilyadis

Nicholas (Nick) Ilyadis serves as Vice President and CTO of Broadcom’s Infrastructure and Networking Group (ING). He’s responsible for product strategy and cross-portfolio initiatives across a broad range of Ethernet chip products including Network Switches, High-Speed Controllers, Physical Layer Transceivers (PHYs), Enterprise WLAN, SerDes, and Secure Processors. Prior to joining Broadcom, Ilyadis was Vice President of Engineering for Enterprise Data Products at Nortel Networks. He has also held engineering positions at Digital Equipment Corporation and Itek Optical Systems. Ilyadis holds an MSEE from the University of New Hampshire and a BTEE from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  He is also a senior member of IEEE with membership in both the Communications Society and Computer Society.




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