Do not delay in making your VISA arrangements for entry into the United States. Such arrangements are the responsibility of attendees and other participants and may take up to a few months.

Complete information on how to apply for a VISA to enter the US can be found on the U.S. Department of State's Web Site.

* A step-by-step outline of U.S. Visa application procedures: Click here >>
* Estimated Wait Times:  Click here >>
* More information on the Visa process and a glossary of related-terms:  Click here >>

VISA ASSISTANCE LETTERS: Non-Authors (Speakers, Committee Members, and paid attendees) requiring visa assistance letters, or authors needing a hard copy of the letter, must first register for the conference with payment and then complete a ComSoc Visa Assistance Request (

Authors should use EDAS to retrieve their personalized visa assistance letters (soft copy in PDF format).

1. Log into EDAS site, and find your paper.

2. Toward the bottom of the page, you will find in the properties column the words "visa letter", and beside it, an image of an envelope outlined in yellow.

3. Click on this envelope, and you will be able to confirm or change your address information reflected in the letter.

4. Then the system will generate the letter for your use.

5. If you have any problems, please click the help tab in the EDAS system.

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